Goldman stands for

We are daily driven by our promise of Trust and Excellence with a singular mission to exceed expectations.

We are daily driven by our promise of Trust and Excellence with a

singular mission to exceed expectations.

Company Profile

For over a decade, people and companies around the world have looked up to Goldman Imperial to make their projects fly. Goldman Imperial is a fast rising global company with strong roots in Nigeria and the UK, offering integrated solutions. With an expansive network of partners, we have successfully executed over 120 projects spanning across real estate and property development and management, oil and gas, construction, mining, fashion and beauty, education as well as general contracting.

In all of our existence, we see our clients as royalty, hence we deliver ‘Gold standard’ service through all our touch points with our clients and all stakeholders. Combined with our innovative approach to solutions, our drive towards distinction, expansive collaboration and resources stimulates project success. With a proven record of delivering quality results on time we stand out as a choice partner.

Our Vision

Goldman Imperial has a commitment to be the most superior, effective, efficient and professional high-tech service solution provider through our performance, our people and our core values across chosen sectors.

Our Mission

To become the next generation leading company in terms of value addition and profitability in the sectors we operate at a moderate, affordable and competitive fee, keeping in mind our core values and maintaining world best standards, whilst strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders with long-term focus.

Value Proposition

We are excellence driven, we put our clients’ needs at the centre of our research, innovation and development. We build your dream. We are honest and promise to always do the right thing for our team, our business and our clients, resulting in mutual success.

How We Approach Problems


Concise description of an issue to be addressed or a condition to be improved upon. Identifing the gap between the current (problem) state and desired (goal) state of a process or product.



We generate, develop, map out and communicate new ideas and then necessary resources, to foster the implementation of the anticipated solutions.



We choose the most appropriate courses of action to achieve the defined goals. This process provides a framework for the actions that will lead to our anticipated results.



All hands come on deck to get the project into action. Delivering the project expected results (deliverable and other direct outputs)



Real Estate and Property Management

We build generational wealth through Real estate and property management.

Oil & Gas

We invest in technology and communities to bring the world better energy.

Construction & Design

We plan, design, engineer, construct, operate and maintain buildings, infrastructure and industry projects in Nigeria and beyond.

Mining & Mineral Resources

We discover and process minerals and energy resources.

Fashion & Beauty

We offer high-quality clothes and accessories for the modern man, woman and child.


We plan and execute holistic educational services, channeling financial and human resources to the development and growth of education

Meet our Team

Rowland E. Eno

(Chairman and CEO)

Rowland E. Eno is the co-founder and CEO of Goldman Imperial Ltd.  He is an highly experienced leader and management professional with substantial UK and international experience…

Victoria R. Eno

(Managing Director)

Victoria R. Eno is the Managing Director of Goldman Imperial and co-founder co-founder. Victoria spends most of her professional time pursuing her passion for fashion and beauty… 

James Solomon

(Director Of Operations)

Ernest Iweha

(Brand Manager)